The Best Supplier for Specialty Ingredients

The Best Supplier for Specialty Ingredients

Serving since 2008, Origin Commodities LLC is a major supplier of specialty ingredients for food. We know the techniques of the ingredients distribution business. With each shipment, we deliver the best quality ingredients to our customers, on time.

Our Tie-ups

Our knowledgeable team and supply chain partners have decades of experience in providing specialty ingredients to the food industry. We have tie-ups with major U.S. quick-serve restaurant chains, national and regional grocery chains, global foodservice ingredients, and food manufacturers.

Our Mission

At Origin Commodities, our mission is to serve your company in the best way possible. With producers from around the world, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality products to meet your business needs.

How We Operate

Our sound supply chain ensures that every purchase or trade takes place with great coordination among the companies involved. Right from the processor, manufacturer, customs documentation to shipping, every order is scheduled, notified, and monitored until it arrives at your dock. Delivering standard and quality ingredients is our main focus, and we make sure that our customers thoroughly satisfied.