Sourcing & Shipping of Bulk Food Ingredients

Sourcing & Shipping of Bulk Food Ingredients

Origin Commodities LLC is one of America's best ingredient suppliers, sourcing the highest quality materials. Our focus is on serving major manufacturers and nutraceutical companies worldwide. We source ingredients from all over the world in order to make it easy for you to access your ingredients from origin. Over the years, we have developed trust and built deep relations with our vendors.

Experts at Imports & Exports

Origin Commodities has deep knowledge related to importing and exporting food ingredients. We follow international standards and comply with the laws during the process. Our expertise lies in outsourcing and exporting to the companies that require the supplies.

Quality Snack Ingredients

Growing the highest quality herbs, spices, fruits and nuts requires a lot of effort and proper timing for plantation and harvesting. Origin Commodities source quality spices and herbs from our trusted partner network of manufacturers, growers, and vendors around the world. We source the highest quality produce for our clients.


Origin Commodities ships food ingredients, bulk dried fruit, and nuts. We adhere to the rules and practices of shipping process with respect to food ingredients for human consumption. We follow proper transportation and storage practices, which help ensure that food ingredients reach their destination in a safe condition without compromising on quality.